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The 6th International Workshop on Micro-Universe Action

(Date:October 31, 2021   Zhengzhou, China)

The 6th International Workshop on Micro-Universe Action will be held on October 31, 2021 in Zhengzhou, China. Micro-Universe Action is one of the activities for 2021 2nd International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence for Medicine Sciences(ISAIMS 2021).

Microorganisms play an indispensable role in all aspects of our lives, including digestion, immune response and even behavior. Different groups of microbes live in different parts of the human body and perform their duties, forming a complete ecosystem. The diversity of these human microorganisms may explain the differences between people. With the development of modern medical treatment and new technologies, the traditional medical thinking based on experience or causality, that is, symptoms-treatment methods-treatment effects, sometimes cannot fully and accurately grasp the various changes in huge complex system of the human body. The Microcosm Action Working Group hopes to use big data science and artificial intelligence technology to comprehensively integrate various related knowledge, simulate medical methods and multi-layer causal analysis, so as to achieve the purpose of providing the latest scientific basis with precision, accuracy and comprehensiveness, or to create a new approach to medicine.

In Operation Microcosm, the research team will prioritize the study of bacteria-gut-brain axis related information, relying on the "AI Tree Hole Rescue Operation", using knowledge graph technology, and focusing on the impact of intestinal microbes on mental health. Through the cooperation of multiple research groups, the first phase of "Operation Microcosm" will build a knowledge service platform for intestinal flora that can support reasoning and query. The second phase of the goal will expand the knowledge service platform into a microbial flora ecosystem simulation platform to support simulation experiments and analysis for intestinal microbes.

Workshop Organizers

Zhisheng Huang, Free University Amsterdam, Netherlands

Xingpeng Jiang, Central China Normal University, China


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